MushPro Incubator


Our MushPro incubator is the perfect heating system for keeping optimal temperatures. Which during these colder months, can double the speed of your growth!

This incubator kit goes perfectly with our Grow Kits, and has the dual function of being able to be used during both colonisation and fruiting stages of our Grow Kits. Giving you mushrooms twice as fast.

Our MushPro incubators improves upon the cheap heating mats which only heat up and bottom of your cakes/grains, this dries that layer out and can cause stalling. Instead, our Incubator heats the entire vessel evenly, which maintains a balanced and stable heating environment for your mushrooms to thrive in.


  • 50w Underwater Heater creating the perfect balanced heating environment
  • Digital Thermometer to keep the optimum temperatures of 21-27°c
  • Heating Vessel holding the water that retains heat
  • Inside Tub which holds all of your items
  • Dimensions 40x30cm

WE DO NOT INCLUDE the kits shown that are inside of the incubator, or a physical copy of the growing guide. Instead, we have full guides on our website for all of our products.


Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 44 × 30 × 30 cm
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