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MushPots Grow Kit


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Grow 200g – 400g of fresh mushrooms with this easy-to-use kit.

The MushPots  grow kit is based on the classic PF-Tek growing method. This cultivation technique was pioneered by the famous mycologist Robert McPherson in 1991. Quickly, it became one of the world’s most popular methods. And for good reason. It is one of the fastest, easiest ways to grow mushrooms at home, with a high success rate. Ideal for the beginner who wants quick results with minimal hassle. 

Simply inject the kit with a gourmet spore or liquid culture, then set aside for a few weeks to allow the mycelium to colonise. Add a little water and some love, and wait for the magic to happen. You can cultivate almost any gourmet mushroom species with this kit: Lions Mane; Oysters; Shitake; Reishi… the choice is yours!

Grow Your Own Mushrooms 

Growing mushrooms for the first time can seem like a daunting and complicated procedure. However, a grow kit can make the experience both highly enjoyable and very straightforward. We provide you everything you need to grow the mushroom species of your choice, from start to finish. Combined with simple and clear instructions on the entire growing process to make it super easy. 

The MushPots grow kit uses our organic brown rice flour (BRF) and vermiculite substrate recipe, with added gypsum. We have tried many recipes over the years, but have found this one to be the most fruitful by far. It provides the perfect nutrient-rich environment for your gourmet mushrooms.

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What’s Included 

This grow kit comes pre-sterilised and ready to inject with your gourmet spore/culture syringe of choice. All of our grow kits use premium HEPA air filters to allow gas exchange, while keeping contaminants from getting inside the kit. Combined with easy to inoculate injection ports, the risk of contamination (and disappointment), is drastically reduced.

WE DO NOT INCLUDE gourmet spores/culture or a physical copy of the growing guide with this kit. Instead, we have a comprehensive mushroom growing guide on our website that gives a step-by-step process on how to use this grow kit. As well as some of our own tips and tricks we have for optimising your grow.

? Need help or assistance? Feel free to contact us with any questions here.


How to Use the MushPots

  1. Using sterile technique, inject 1-2ml of gourmet spore/liquid culture solution per injection port
  2. Leave somewhere dark and warm (21-26°C) to colonise. Wait a few weeks until fully colonised
  3. Remove the lid from the kit, fill the tub with water and replace the lid. Leave to soak for 12 hours
  4. Remove the lid and drain the excess water. Place the kit into its fruiting tent
  5. Let the ‘shrooms bloom baby!


Freshly Made With Quality Ingredients 

Good ingredients make for good grow kits. That is why we only use 100%, natural and organic substrates in our kits. Mushrooms are quite sensitive to artificial chemicals and do not grow well on contaminated substrates. It is for this reason that we only use the finest, natural ingredients for your ‘shroomies. 

Our PF-Tek substrate recipe consists of organic brown rice flour (BRF), vermiculite and gypsum.

  • Organic brown rice flour (BRF) is hyper-nutritious, providing all the nutrients that mushrooms need to grow. Namely carbon, nitrogen and other macronutrients 
  • Vermiculite is super absorbent, keeping the substrate nice and hydrated for the entire growing duration
  • Gypsum is a naturally occurring calcium and sulphate mineral. Professional cultivators use it to help to stabilize substrate pH levels to neutral, which mushrooms thrive at

All of our grow kits are made to order. This ensures that the kit you receive is fresh, sterile and ready to use. Please allow for an extra two days for the product to be made before it is dispatched.



Please aim to use your grow kits soon after receiving them. If you need to store them, put them in the fridge. They can last a number of months before they expire.



All of our mushroom growing kits should only be used with species that are legal to grow. Please be aware that the germination of spores from the Psilocybe genus is illegal in many countries, including the UK. The Psilocybe cubensis spores we sell are strictly for microscopy, research or taxonomy purposes. Always do your thorough research before purchasing. By purchasing, you are indicating that you are aware of your local laws. You also waive any liability towards Martian Mushrooms if you act outside your laws.

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