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LabPro Mushroom Laminar Flow Hood 2x2 HEPA Filter

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🌐 ISO Environment classification flow hood

🧬 Fitted with a lab-grade 24×24 inch H14 HEPA Filter

🔗 Added pre-filter which increase longevity of the H14 filter

◀️ 3 Speed options rate of flow

What Is Laminar Flow?

Flow Hoods are the cornerstone of any mycology lab. A Laminar Flow system is vital in the control of particulate contamination. Laminar flow can be described as an entire body of clean airflow with steady, uniform velocity.

Why do you need a Flow Hood?

Our flow unit is designed for ISO cleanroom labs, but is perfect for any mycologist looking to step up their game. These hoods guarantee excellent laminar air, giving you a perfectly clean working area through the combination of the H14 HEPA filter and pre-filter.

Letting you effortlessly work in H14 laminar clean air with agar plates, making spore syringes and cultures, performing culture transfers, cloning, isolations & more! With this flow hood, you get the effectiveness and efficiency of an expensive cleanroom lab, at a fraction of the price.

How to use Laminar Flow?

Simple plug-in and play, it’s that simple! You can easily adjust the laminar flow to your preferred rate with the dial on the back of the unit, you have 3 settings to choose from.

To achieve laminar flow, air is initially drawn through an easy-change, high-quality pre-filter to remove all gross particulate. Turbulent flow then passes through the fan system, before being pushed through the H14 HEPA filter removing 99.999% of all particles >0.3μm in size.

Filtered air will then flow vertically towards the work surface at a velocity of 600 m3/hr to ensure no air from the room can flow back into the working area and guarantees an ISO Class 4, particle-free working environment, providing the best product protection.

  • H14 Filters (Filtration efficiency: 99.999% @ 0.3 μm diameter)
  • Three-speed options
  • Pre-filter
  • Dove Grey Galvanised steel & Aluminium zinc case
  • Airflow: 600 m3/hr
  • Power: 220v Single Phase
  • Noise: <=57db
  • Overall Dimensions : 570W x 570H x 69D mm
Quality Control

During production, and before all units are sent. Every aspect of the Martian Mushrooms Flow Hoods, from the electronics & filters through to the metalwork, are meticulously checked and monitored to ensure optimal operation, safety and compliance with international regulations and ISO standards.

👽 Need help or assistance? Feel free to contact us with any questions here.

Weight 29 kg
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