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Prepared Fungi And Lichen Microscopy Slide (20 Set)

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Learn how to identify the microscopic anatomy of fungi and lichens. Prepared slides come in a set 0f 20. Optimum viewing at 500% magnification.

Included in the Set:

1(c). Mucor mucedo, w.m. of hyphae showing sporangia
2(d). Rhizopus nigricans, w.m. of hyphae with developing zygotes
3 (d). Synchytrium endobioticum, potato black wart, t.s. of infected tissue
4(c). Plasmodiophora, t.s. of cabbage rot Ascomycetes
5(c). Claviceps purpurea, t.s. of sclerotium
6(c). Tuber rufum, truffle, t.s. of fruiting body showing asci
7(c). Peziza sp., cup-fungus, t.s. of fruiting body with asci
8(d). Erysiphe sp., mildew, t.s. of leaf with perithecia
9(d). Penicillium sp., blue mold on orange-rind, t.s. of hyphae with conidiophores
10(c). Aspergillus glaucum, brown-mold, w.m. of hyphae with sporangia
11(b). Saccharomyces sp., yeast, budding, w.m.
12(d). Taphrina pruni (Exoascus pruni), plum pockets, t.s. with haustoria and asci Basidiomycetes 13(d). Puccinia graminis, t.s. of uredinia on wheat
14(d). Puccinia graminis, wheat rust, t.s. of aecidia on infected barberry leaf
15(d). Ustilago zeae, corn smut, infected tissue, t.s.
16(c). Psalliota sp., mushroom, l.s. through pileus and lamellae
17(c). Boletus edulis, pore fungus, l.s. through pores
18(c). Lycoperdon gemmatum, puff-ball, t.s. of fruiting body Lichens
19(d). Xanthoria, lichen, t.s. of thallus showing hyphae with symbiotic algae
20(d). Xanthoria, t.s. of apothecium.

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