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Mushroom Growing Kits

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Growing Mushrooms Isn’t difficult – We Make It  Easy!

The idea of cultivating homegrown mushrooms puts off a lot of people. It is not difficult to do – if you use mushroom growing kits. This makes the process both fun and super easy!

The best way to start is with a kit. There are many different types. Most are based on the classic PF Tek, which is a mixture of brown rice flour and vermiculite. This substrate provides the ‘food’ the mushroom mycelium needs to grow. Another great method is the monotub tek, which combines a grain spawn with a bulk substrate.
How to Grow Mushrooms
Using mushroom growing kits couldn’t be simpler. First, you inject the substrate with your gourmet spore or culture syringe. The substrate will colonise over a period of several weeks, but be patient! It can sometimes take longer. Once fully colonised, you will want to place the substrate into fruiting conditions. High humidity and lots of fresh air are the name of the game here. Very soon you will start to see your first mushrooms! It is pure magic.

The Martian Mushrooms’ range of kits includes the Mushbox, which is a classic dutch style grow kit. The 1.2L tub is designed to be quick and easy to use. But most importantly, to produce huge flushes! We also have the Mushpots, which are great for beginners. Using these kits you can grow a whole variety of mushrooms: oysters, lions mane, shiitake and more.

Experience the magic of mushrooms today!

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