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As the famous ethnobotanist, psychonaut and philosopher Terrance McKenna once theorised, “the mushroom is a good candidate for an extra-terrestrial… a curious combination of artefact and entity”.

Contrary to popular belief, Martian Mushrooms is not a company run by little green men from the planet Mars. We are actually a passionate team of mycologists based in Kent, in the southeast of England. Rural Kent is definitely a far cry from the Red Planet. However, we do firmly believe there’s something magical, almost unearthly about mushrooms. They have this ineffable quality that transcends human understanding. Perhaps Mckenna is right, they are not of this earth but instead originate from across the cosmos, far beyond the realms of human imagination and consciousness.

To us, Martian Mushrooms is more than just a company, it is a manifestation of a lifelong fascination and devotion to the fungal world. Something that we are very proud to share with you all. And much like the humble mushroom spore, our ultimate goal is to spread the wonderful and mystical beauty of fungi, far and wide.

To facilitate this goal, we started this small family-run business, offering a wide and ever-expanding range of mycology products. A sort of one-stop mycology shop if you will; a hub for like-minded individuals to share our passion with. If you are a microscopy enthusiast, we supply a variety of Psilocybe cubensis aka ‘Magic Mushroom’ spores, a goldmine of all the weird and wonderful genetics this species has to offer. Whilst cultivation of the Psilocybe genus is prohibited in many countries, including the UK, we think it’s important to contribute to the collection, sharing and ultimately the dissemination of mushroom spores far and wide. After all, that is the spore’s divine purpose!

And for those who are interested in the cultivation of gourmet varieties, we supply a range of cultures, kits, substrates, grains and more. All products that we ourselves have used over the years and have had great success with. We are confident they will do the same for you.

Finally, a thank you to everyone who takes the time to browse our website or make a purchase from our store. We absolutely love what we do and most of all serving our loyal patrons. You are always welcome to contact us through the chat function on the website, through email or via our Instagram and Facebook. We love hearing from you.

May the ‘shrooms bloom baby!

The Martians 👽


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